Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok, so I consider myself a person of some intelligence. Not a brain surgeon or a rock scientist (Hi Amandas husband!) but able to function and usually make fairly good choices. Until the sandbox. I thought I was being smart. After all, sandboxes are developmentally appropriate toys for 2 year olds. I didn't spend the big bucks on the turtle sandbox, but just got a plastic pool and filled it with sand and a few toys. Now I see that I am a moron. First, Elie is pretty good about keeping the sand in the box, but she is only two. The first day we had it she rubbed sand all over her face, arms and legs. It was a little damp so it stuck. Everywhere. Her friend came over the other day and dumped sand on her head. I am still brushing sand out of her hair. And then there is the floor, constantly gritty, no matter what I do. The bathroom floor is too, because she somehow manages to get her undies full of sand. Like I wasn't sweeping up all the crap the dogs brought in on there paws already. I have, on more than one occasion, striped her naked on the back patio. This gets tedious. The only good thing I have to say about the box is that she loves it and it keeps her entertained for hours on end. That counts for something. Well, I am off to sweep up yet another pile of sand that Elie has dumped from her shoe. *Sigh*

Here are a few cute pics of the kiddo's!


McHam Family said...

Ha! I mean - SORRY GRETCH!!! :)

Kari said...

Poor Gretch!

I will remember this story and NOT buy my children a sandbox, no matter how happy it makes them. I hate dirty stuff like that!

You're a trooper.

The kids pictures are cute. Addilyn has this big beautiful smile now! Ahhhh, it warms my heart.

Honeycutt Family said...

First of all, Addilyn is STINKIN' ADORABLE!!!!!
Second of all, was it my daughter that dumped sand on Elie's head???? I am sooooo sorry if it was!
Third of all, I had debated getting a sandbox for Grace but this post makes me realize it isn't worth it. Grace doesn't like sand anyway so it would probably just go to waste. :)

the donovan family said...

I feel your pain! The sand gets EVERYWHERE! at least mine's not at my house, but a lot of the playgrounds around here have sand. ugh. I bought a turtle sandbox off craigslist a while ago and just never got the sand for it..maybe I should put that off some more?... Is that what you're saying? :D Oh and thanks for the baby powder tip, I'll have to try that!