Sunday, May 4, 2008


Welcome to my new blog! After having some problems with MSN, I decided to give in to peer pressure and have a blogger account. So, everyone who reads this, take this moment to add this to your favorites and delete the other one.

The nice thing about this is it has video support. Here is some exciting footage of Addie, who just figured out how to roll! She is also grabbing things, giggling, and babbling up a storm. This age is fun, so much more than the whole newborn thing.

I wish Matt was home to see this, but I guess he will just have to live it through the video. Matt is in Palm Springs this week. He left on Thursday and gets back on Thursday. He will be home until Sunday when he leaves for Hawaii. As my buddy Jen pointed out, this was the trip I went with him on last year when I told him we were prego!

I have a few cute pics of the girls, I just found them matching PJ's and thought it was really cute. Now I know why my mom used to dress us girls alike, its fun and they are too little to object!

Edited to add: Ok, so I haven't quite figured out the whole formatting thing. I'm working on it!


Honeycutt Family said...

Welcome to Blogger, friend! :)
The girls are so cute together--love the matching PJ's.
Love ya,

Denise said...

Oh, that video is just precious; especially the look on her face when she rolled over. Isn't that a little early to be rolling over? Oh, nevermind, she's a prodigy...she has to be...she's in our family ;-).

Kari said...

Yeah! I love blog spot better then MSN.

Let me know if you need some tips on how to format!

Sarah said...

Ha, maybe I will change mine as well...oh wait I never write anything anyway.

Cute pics of the girls!

the donovan family said...

yea for getting a blogspot! I love dressing the girls alike too! it's adorable...even though I hated it growing up :) Oh, and don't worry about my stress before I left, i turned down offers of help, because I didn't know what anyone could do :P Thanks for being so sweet.