Saturday, November 15, 2008


Addilyn looking longingly at her sister having fun in the snow

Elie, dressed and ready to play!

Usually I love Fridays. I have MOPS or bible study and shop in the afternoon followed by yoga. Matt is either home or on his way. Not today. Matt is in Hawaii over the weekend so its just the girls and I. I hate when he travels over a weekend, everyone else is doing family time so our weekends just drag.

Yesterday it snowed! Elie looked outside and said "It's a snowing day!". She was thrilled and didn't even make it out of her jammies before she had on her snow boots. I asked her if she wanted breakfast first and she told me "not yet!". On went the jacket and new mittens from Grandma and Bumpa and Elie and the dogs went out to play. She played in the snow for a good half hour. The dogs loved it. Poor baby Addilyn just looked out the window longingly.

Friday is always busy for us, yesterday was no exception. The day started with bible study, a Beth Moore study on wisdom, and then home for lunch and naps. Normally Matt lets me do all my shopping on Friday's without the kids, but he wasn't home. After naps the girls went to aunt Amanda's so I could hit the store. I picked up the kids, brought them home to feed them dinner and get ready for Grandma to come over and watch them while I went to a shower. I finished the prep for Bonnie's baby shower and headed out the door when mom got in. By the time I got home last night it was almost 10. My kitchen was a mess and the baby was awake. I did a quick clean so I would be able to identify my counters for breakfast, put baby to bed and stumbled into bed myself. Addilyn was up twice last night and up for the day a little after 5. Why this child doesn't sleep is beyond me. If she wasn't such a sweet baby I would have sold her to gypsies months ago!

Chocolate Mousse I made for Bonnie's baby shower


Elizabeth said...

OK..LOVE the very pretty! Are they sitting on chocolate discs? And the hearts...precious! You are quite talented my friend!

Sarah said...

Yummy! You are so creative!