Friday, May 14, 2010

American Girl

If you are unfamiliar with American Girl, you must be old, out of touch or raising boys. When I was young there were only 3 different dolls, each from an era in American history, each with 3 books about there lives. Now I believe there are 8, and good ole' Samantha (the doll I had) from the 1920's isn't even around any more. I love the concept of teaching history from the perspective of little girls, it makes it relateable. Ok, so I totally got sucked in by the marketing.

On Wednesday, Jen and I decided to live vicariously through our respective daughters and visit the American Girl store in Park Meadows. The girls were taken by the store and Jen and I were a little shell shocked by the prices. I still have my Samantha doll and maybe I will give it to Eliana in a few years. By the time Addilyn is 6 maybe we will have save enough money for Samantha to have a friend. Annabelle might just be out of luck, or one of the girls is going to have to pay for there own college.

Many thanks to Jen, who never forgets her camera because she must like her kids more than I like mine. ;)


McHam Family said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha :) !!

Honeycutt Family said...

Thanks for a fun time! :)