Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hair Cuts

The Before Picture
I live in a house full of women (and Matt) and a certain amount of drama is expected. Some drama is unavoidable, more is to come I am sure. When possible, I try to limit it with good planing and general avoidance. This bring us to hair (ok, not by a direct path, but stay with me here). Eliana's hair in particular. My eldest is most drama prone when it comes to any amount of discomfort. Minor colds are accompanied by massive amounts of whining, groaning and general drama. Getting her hair done each morning is ugly, on a good day, and I am not talking about my styling ability's, which are admittedly lacking.

After being fed up for quite some time, I told Eliana she either take some responsibility for her own head by brushing her hair morning and evening, or I was going to cut it off. She agreed and never followed through, despite many reminders. Matt didn't want her hair cut either, so he too tried to encourage her to take care of it, to no avail.
Yesterday I was done. I took Eliana to get her hair cut. Addilyn needed to trim the mullet action she had going on, so I took her along too. I told the stylist what I wanted. She looked at me like I was asking her to light my kids head on fire. She pleaded with me to leave the length and just add some layers. I reluctantly agreed. Sigh. Oh well. Both girls now have hair cuts.

The "During" picture

Mullet be gone!!

The tangles, and therefor the drama, have lessened a bit, but I still may shave this kid bald until she decides her hair is her problem.


Karen Johnson said...

Crystal was my kid that couldn't stand to have her hair brushed. I unfortunately gave her a short mullet. It made my life much easier. So you may be going back to the stylist.

McHam Family said...

You crack me up!

McHam Family said...

PS - have you tried leave in conditioner?? may lessen the tangles in Elie's hair...??