Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brain droppings

- Annabelle has slept in her own room for the last 2 nights. It's bitter sweet. I miss kissing her sweet little head in the wee hours of the night, I miss her smell and the way she snuggles. What I really miss is my sleep, which I have had very little of for the past 6 months. I figure she can't sleep worse in her crib than she does in our room and I am hoping to avoid the 5:30 a.m wake up due to the brightness of our room. Her room stays darker longer. She may end up back in our bed, but for now we are trying this.

- Would it push me past "quirky" into "very odd" territory if I start making my own laundry detergent and yogurt? We do so much laundry and it is cheaper if I make my own soap, I also avoid all the perfumes and chemicals. Annabelle is going to be ready to eat big people food and I can't give her dairy but would love for her to eat yogurt. I am going to attempt to make coconut yogurt in the crock pot. I will let you know if I have any luck.

-Kittens are adorable. It is a shame they grow up to be cats. We will be providing 2 family with either 2 very socialized kittens or two who suffer from PTSD.

-In less than one month I will be 30. Wow. I am so old and so uncool.

- The babe needs to learn some meal time manners. She loves to blow raspberries while eating, she thinks it is hilarious. She is also a bitter, which isn't a huge deal since she is currently sans-teeth, but will one day soon get ugly.

- I was just informed that I am in charge of bring a snack for 24 MOPS kids. Tomorrow. And it has to be nut and gluten free. Any ideas?


McHam Family said...

Ha! Love it. Brain droppings. Good luck with all of your endeavors :) !! And, btw, 30 isn't that bad. 31 is what really sucks. Welcome to the club :) !!

Kari said...

Being 30 is not old or uncool (that's what I tell myself since I'll be there soon enough...and I'll be there without a husband, house, dogs, or kids). But I will be there with great shoes, labels, travels to Australia, hot men to date, a tan, and excellent skin care. Ha...Ok, I'm done telling myself it's OK to be 30 and single (but I'll never own a cat!)

Honeycutt Family said...

Who told you that you weren't already "very odd"???

Denise said...

I have lots of friends who make their own laundry soap; I'm certainly thinking of doing it. Erin has a good recipe and I have one, too. I'll show you this weekend. I always slept better when the boys went out of the room. And, did I ever tell you the story of Matthew's and Paul's biting?

Karen Johnson said...

I don't even remember 30, but i had 4 kids by 29. So there is a reason for memory loss. We brought Brittany home from the hospital on Matt's 6th birthday. The big 30 will not make you uncool, you get better every year.