Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Camper

We in Colorado like to pretend to be Mountain Folk. This includes hiking in mountains, exploring old mining towns and most of all camping. We love to camp. We have been taking Eliana since she was little and each of our girls have spent at least one night under the stars before they reach a year of age.

We have a 3 man tent, and in case you have lost count, our family now numbers 5. I am not great at math but even I can tell you those numbers don't work. A couple of our friends have some very nice pop-up campers and we decided that sounded like a great plan for our family. I had one growing up and have great memories from it. Only a couple of problems with that plan: we drive a mini-van and don't have a huge "camper budget".

I have spent the last few months trolling craigslist in search of something we could use. Most are much too big for our wimpy-van-sans-tow package to pull without blowing our transmission. The newer light weight ones wouldn't blow our transmission, just our budget. Sigh. Patients is a virtue but not one of mine. And then, I found it. Avocado green and older than me. Orange interior that makes the 70's proud. Great condition and with in budget range. No frill but 3 beds that work just fine.

Meet the newest member of the Crocker family, the Green Monster. We love it. It meets our need perfectly and we have used it twice already. Here is to passing on great family memories.

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Honeycutt Family said...

The '79 Apache is AWESOME! :)