Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Overheard at my house

- Please don't sit on the cat
- Stop bugging your sister
- We don't eat things off the ground
- Mama, do bugs dream?
- NO THUNDER! Go away!
- Addilyn, will you PLEASE put some clothes on
- Kitty doesn't like it when you carry her by the head
- Not right now
- Who needs to go potty?
- I said stop bugging your sister!
- Child, go to sleep!
- No, me do it I'self!
- If she is hollering it means she doesn't like it!
- This is what we are having, your choice is to eat it or be hungry
- I love you
- Please don't put toys in my coffee
- No playing outside naked
- Where are your shoes?
- Be a nice friend
- She bossin' me!
- Dogs don't like watermellon
- Bugs stay OUTSIDE
- Less talking, more eatting
- You look like a crazy woman, let me do your hair
- Don't be ugly
- Thank you Jesus for the rain to make our garden grow
- Don't freak out
- I miss papa
- Be a good helper
- Jesus, I am thankful for my WHOLE LIFE!
- Otis, quiet or I am turning you into a rug!
- Milo has stinky toots
- Don't eat the cat food
- Kissing doesn't involve teeth


Denise said...

Thanks for the good giggles this morning. I know that you'll look at me weird when I type, "I miss those days sometimes."

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am going to start taking notes b/c I am sure I have heard some classics while at the Crocker house :-)

Sarah Cieto