Monday, January 31, 2011

Five in a Row- Jamberry

Monday: Language-What are new words to us (bramble, jamboree) What do we think they mean? The author uses made up words, can you remember what they are? Add berry to the end of some of our words or names.

Tuesday: Art- The illustrator drew a world where food grows on trees. What are other things he pretends? Get out crayons, markers, paints, stickers and create your own world. Where world you get food? What colors would things be?

Wednesday: Cooking- Use cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped bread. Smash several types of berries and cook with a little bit of sugar until you make a simple jam. Spread on heart bread. Use coffee stirrers to make patterns with fruit and eat for lunch.

Thursday: Creative movement- On one page of the book they are dancing in fields. Grab ribbons and streamers and decide how they are dancing.See if you can make big circles with the ribbons or lines. On another page they are skating on jam. Put on socks and "skate" around pretending your on jam.

Friday: Science- Look up where berries grow. What do they need to grow? Could we grow them in our yard? What would be the best spot?

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curlyjo said...

Pioneer Days are going on at our house. Caleb made ranch eggs (he diced onions and cried like a girl:) ) Emma made biscuits. We read "Indian Captivity" and are making a game. Ethan is working on a Powerpoint Presentation. Everyone grumbled about math. It's better than worksheets any day.