Monday, January 24, 2011

Addilyn Joy- Age 3

Sweet, funny Addilyn Joy. When we chose Joy for your middle name we couldn't have known how fitting it would be. You love life, are rarely grumpy and have a sense of humor just like your Bumpa. Your independent and helpful, always ready for a snack and come running when you hear me working in the kitchen. Though your quick to lose your temper, everything can be made better in your world with a quick "nuggle". Your remind me of Linus the way your drag around your once yellow blanket. I am always finding baby dolls in your sisters crib that you put nigh-night. If the crib is occupied, I find your various friends tucked into my bed. You love play dough and jokes, playing with your sister and going on walks. You glow when you get time alone with mama or papa. We celebrated your 3rd birthday with friends and teddy bear cup cakes that you helped me make. You got a new bear and jammies, a crib for you babies, a coloring board and my little ponies, a new tutu and you were thrilled. Addilyn, your such a blessing in our lives. Loved beyond words, treasured as the gift from God that you are.


Jennifer McHam said...

Sniff sniff sniff. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Denise said...

Gretchen, I would encourage you, if you're not, to be sure and have hard copies of your letters to the girls. They will treasure them so deeply as they grow up and so will you. And then you can bring them out when they're young women to remind them of how cute they were and they need to be that cute again ;-).