Monday, January 17, 2011


To the adorable Kittens,

Well, it is about that time. Time for you to venture out from the comfort of our home to find your forever families. I wish you luck and offer these words of advice to ease your transition into your new homes;

-DO climb up on your new persons lap, flop over for a belly rub and puurrrrrr your little heart out. This makes people like you.

-DON'T climb up on your new persons shoulder and let one rip. Kitten toots are very unpleasant and won't endear you to anyone.

-DO happily scarf down any type of food you new people choose to buy for you. Your a freeloading fur ball and can't afford to be too picky.

-DON'T climb up on the table and help yourself. It is beyond obnoxious to tip over glasses of milk so you may better drink them. When you do it for the 3ed time in one day it makes people want to pick you up by the scruff of your neck and shake the cute right out of you.

-DO say "good morning" by rubbing up on your new persons leg and letting out a loud purrrrr.

-DON'T say "good morning" by sticking your head in your persons cup of coffee and sneezing. No one wants to drink cat snot for breakfast.

So as I send you on your way, I wish you long lives and happy homes. We have enjoyed having you in our family. My life bring you many long naps in the sun, lots of string to chase and many a belly rub.

With Love,

The Crocker Family

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Jennifer McHam said...

SO CUTE!! Love the cat snot bit :) !!! bwahahahaha