Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 Months Old

Today Addilyn is 8 months old, she is 2/3 of the way to being a one year old. That is so crazy to me. I think time passes twice as fast for the second kid. Here is an update on what our sweet baby is up to:

  • Addilyn LOVEs big people food and doesn't eat a bit of baby food, actually she never did. She is happiest if she gets to feed herself and can really put it away.

  • She is on the move! She gets pretty much where ever she wants to go by using a mixture of scooting on her butt, rolling, crawling and army crawling. This annoys Elie to no end.

  • She is still the worst sleeper ever. To this day she has slept through the night once in her life. Last night she was up every hour. Go figure. I am glad I didn't sign up for this parenting gig thinking it was going to be convenient or have easy hours.

  • Elie makes her belly laugh all the time. Mama and papa are funny too, but not as much as the puppies! Otis loves her and lays next to her all the time, she proceeds to pull his hair, poke him in the eye and dig in his mouth. I try to keep her from chewing on him because that is just nasty.

  • Bath time is her very favorite, she squeals and wiggles when I turn on the water.

  • She is the sweetest tempered baby, she will let others hold her and loves to play at my feet. She LOVES to snuggle and gives me big, open mouth kisses.

Being a parent of two has challenges but it is so rewarding to see the girls interact. I know we will continue to add to our family and I can't wait to see Addilyn be the big sister.


Kari said...

My sweet little Addilyn! I was just looking at pictures of her from the night she was born. She was such a little peanut in my arms...

Can't believe she'll be 1 yrs old after the holidays...yikes!

McHam Family said...

Awwwwwwwwww! I can't BELIEVE how fast they are growing! #2 definitely grows faster. Tomorrow Pierce turns 9 months... ACK!

NLWilliams said...

what a cutie!
Growing SO big!!!
She looks like Elie, but very much like her own little person...