Saturday, September 6, 2008

At our house

- The T.V is in the basement. It is only on when Elie is watching "Curious George", "Clifford", or "Sesame Street".

- We have family reading time every night. Usually with popcorn, after the bath, before bedtime.

- There is an appallingly large amount of dog hair on the floor. I swiffer all the time, but I have appallingly large dogs so their you go.

- We eat shockingly large amounts of fruit. Currently we have: plums, peaches, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, bananas and kiwi. It may not last us the week.

-Stories are told. Yesterday, when Elie put me to bed because I was sick with the flu, this was her story for me: "Once upon a time there was a fan. It blew mamas hair off, so mama went to the store for a new head. She got blue hair. Then the fan blew off her eyes. She went to Target to get new eyes and a cookie. Then the fan blew off her tummy, so she went to the store and got a new tummy that wasn't sick. The end"

-You will hear "ask me nicely" "try again with a different voice" and "use your nice manners, please". I didn't know I was going to be one of those moms, but I am.

-Clean is one of those things that just never happens, I guess it falls lower on the priority list than eating well, reading books, and building block towers. Some days I am OK with this, often I am not.

- We sing lots. Elie gets annoyed when she ask for a song about a random thing and I don't have one. She tells me "Well, you could try" so I usually make something up. Lucky for me she isn't picky.

- We need new windows, we are missing some pieces of trim on our main floor, the kitchen ceiling has a spot that needs to be fixed, our upstairs faucet is upside down, we have weeds in our back yard and drive way, and we need new carpet downstairs.

- Your welcome to visit. You will get dog hair on your clothes but I will most likely have something yummy for you to eat. The cob webs may ick you out, but I am happy to stop what ever I am doing and hang out to chat.

So, thats us. Whats your house like?


Kari said...

Cute blog Gretch! It made me laugh.

My house:
-I go through a ridiculous amount of diet coke in a week. I know I should drop this bad habit, but there are too many other things I'm working on that this will have to wait until later.
- This summer my place got messy. It's not typical, but I'm OK with it because it means I'm having a ton of fun and cleaning is boring. However, my cousin is coming to live with me for a month, so I had better clean before she discovers that I'm sort of gross at times.
- I don't have children or a husband so my fridge is usually empty, with the exceptioin of salad stuff (veggies), some fruit, condiments, diet coke, and sometimes butter. I rarely have milk, eggs, or butter that hasn't expired. I eat out more than I should (that is something else I'm working on)
- I resigned my lease which means I get free carpet cleaning. After three years of dirt, spilled cosmos, and other remains of my lifestyle it is time to finally time to say goodbye to the stains.
- My place is cozy and often looks like a sporting goods stores. My bike, snowboard, tennis racket, golf clubs, and softball bat and often strewn about with my workout bag. Does anyone have some storage shelves I could have?

McHam Family said...

I LOVE your house and all the cookies that go with it!!! :)

Sarah said...

That cracks me up. I especially like Elie's bedtime story!

At my house the dog is constantly livingin a state of grace. By all rights I should kill him, but alas he is so cute that he manages to survive. (did I tell you that he chewed up a blue pen all over the white carpet which won't come out and will now have to be replaced when we move...grr)

Shiloh said...

Such a fun family!

In my house:
I am a neat freak, so you will very rarily find something out of place. I pick up my room before leaving for the day, even it it's at 6am in the morning.

I live with my sister, her husband and their one year old baby, so it's never quiet.

I collect elephants, so when you come to my area downstairs, you'll see elephants staring at you.

Almost everything I own has been packed in boxes for three years now. I have no idea what I own and what I don't own. I probably own multiples of everything b/c I love to buy things. I can't wait for the day to get my own place and unpack my stuff. It will be like Christmas b/c I don't know what I have.

My sister is also a neat freak (we have a cleaning lady), so again, you will never enter our home without it being spick and span. Case's toys are arranged in a nice, neat row.