Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Ok, so I know it isn't Monday. It doesn't really matter because I am stealing this idea from my buddy Kari anyway. It seems appropriate that it is a day late, it it, after all, on my blog.

-I didn't stay in my pj's half the day today because I just never got around to getting dressed. Nope, not me, I am dressed to the nines every day with hair done and make-up on!

-I didn't tell the baby I was selling her to gypsies because she was being a grump. Not me, I am the perfection of motherhood with infinite patients.

- I didn't let my toddler go without undies all day because I have no idea where they are, how do we lose those things?! Not me, my kids are always clean and well dressed, with matching socks and bows in the hair.

- I didn't eat an embarrassingly large amount of "Sees Chocolates" yesterday and then make a batch of Carmel corn. Nope. only health food in this house!

-I didn't tell my yoga instructor that there was no way I would take her "power yoga" class because it sounds like a lot of work. Not me, I am always up for an exercise challenge!

I am so glad I didn't do any of that! I would hate to have to admit that I don't really have my act together on a day to day basis. What kind of mother would that make me?


Kari said...

Love it!! Yours crack me up too. It is our Monday tradition!!

McHam Family said...

Ha! I love these and wish I had the cohones to write one myself ;) ha!