Friday, September 26, 2008

Toddler Safety

Some days I am a energetic, creative, wonderful mommy. Most days, I am operating on 5 hours or less sleep with a husband who is out of town. For Elie's own safety, this week I was prepared with ideas of fun things to do. I thought I might share these for those of you who also have toddlers in danger of driving you crazy.
  • Stuffed animal games: Make a train- Get a large sheet out and load it up with all the stuffed animals. Take them for a ride seeing how fast you can go without them all falling off. Sorting- Sort all animals by size, color, or animal type. Hide and seek- Kid waits in room while mama hides animal around house. Kid hunts them out. Birthday party- Pull out the hats and throw a birthday bash for all the animals. Basket ball- Put out a laundry basket and shoot hoops using the animals as balls.
  • Crafts: Tear and glue- Grab a glue stick and tear up tissue paper to glue down to a sheet of paper. Toy prints- Use paint and a few toys or tp rolls. Dip toys in paint and use them to print on paper. Marble painting- Take a large pan with sides and put some paper in it. Drop a couple of colors of paint on paper. Toss in a marble and tip pan back and forth so the marble rolls around in paint. Also fun to do with a oatmeal container, just shake it up and see what happens! Stickers- Use the colored dot stickers and make different pictures using them.
  • Old magazines: Theme-choose a theme (babies, dogs, food) and have your kid go through an old magazine and tear out pictures of these things. Story- Choose 5 pictures and use them to tell a story. Elie's stories are sooo funny this way. Color hunt- Go through and see how many things of a specific color you can find.
  • Snacks: Sorting- Dump all the last bits of dry cereal into a bag, add raisins, mini chocolate chips, peanuts, marshmallows, etc and mix up. Give a kid a bowl of this mix and a egg carton. Have them sort out there snack while they eat it. Rainbow snack- find a food from each of the colors of the rainbow for a snack. Or just pick one and see how many things you can find.
  • Hunts: Bigger/smaller- Give kid a golf ball and tell them to bring you some thing bigger than the ball. Then go find something smaller than the ball. Cup hunt-Give your kid an item (a cup or something) and tell them to go find 5 things that fit in the cup.

My child has survived this week. This really give a whole new meaning to child safety. The funny thing is, we both have a lot of fun doing these things, but I can't ever think of them on the spur of the moment when she is driving me batty. Hope you can use some of the ideas!


Denise said...

Thanks. I'll be doing some of these in October. I have a file somewhere of things to do with grandchildren. I'm going to go see if I can find it.

You changed your background. It looks nice. Danika came over this afternoon to model her dress. She looked very pretty. I gave her a black beaded purse from Grandma Joan to use.

McHam Family said...

You are AWESOME! Thank you!!!

NLWilliams said...

Love these!
I think I would like to be a kid at your house!
These would all be things my wee one would love to do. Thanks for the tips.

Honeycutt Family said...

You are such a teacher! And since I'm such a teacher too, I LOVE these fun, fresh ideas to do with Gracie. I have been compiling a list of different activities and some of these will definitely go on there.
One thing that Grace and I have been doing lately: I got out 5 Easter eggs and put a magnetic ABC letter in each one. Then I hid the eggs and she got to do an Easter egg hunt in August! WOO HOO! :) We then talk about the letter inside and she tells me something that starts with that letter.

Pasifik said...

Great article!

Keep posting,


Sarah said...

So creative! Elie and Addy are blessed to have such a great mom!

Kari said...

Sarah and I were just discussing your blog post and decided you are amazing!

...and I'm going to leave my kiddos with you someday so they're not bored with their mindless mommy!

Rich and Jen said...

Hey there! I am stalking your blog via Jen Honeycutt's blog...I saw your idea of using dot stickers to make pictures and it reminded me of a book I used to read to my students (I taught kindergarten) called "10 Black Dots" (I think it's by Donald Crews) Afterward I'd have them make pictures with dots just like you're talking about. Anyway, figured I'd share. Thanks for the great ideas!