Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crocker for President!

Thats it, I am running for president. I am sure I can do better than these guys and here is some of my plan to prove it!

Global Warming:
McCain-Would cut greenhouse gas emisions 60 percent by 2050, spend 2 billion a year on clean coal and work on developing neclear power.
Obama- Cut greenhouse gas emisions by 80 percent by 2050 and inver 150 billion over the next 10 years in clean energy. Get 25 percent of US power by other sources by 2025.
Crocker- I am against spending money we don't have, or taxing the heck out of citiczen to get that money. I am a capitalist with great faith in American ingenuitiy. Here is what I would do:

  • have a 2 year contest to create a clean and budget friendly power source with the prize being a goverment contract.
  • Require all power companys (who cause 40 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions) to use at least 20 percent renuable energy within five years with tax breaks for using more.
  • Increase the use of public transportation by offering companies who shuttle workers from light rail and bus stops a tax break, this decreases the amount of cars on the road (33 percent of carbon dioxide comes from viehicals)

Health Care

McCain- provide a health insurance tax credit, people who keep the employers plan would be taxed on it, urge states to cover high risk paticents.

Obama- Mandate that all employers provide health insurance or contribute to national plan that people could buy into on a sliding scale. Require everyone under 18 to have insurance. No one could be turned down due to health history.

Crocker- I don't want the goverment making any choices about my health, it is none of their business and its not why I pay taxes. Socialization is not the answer, I have yet to be impressed with the way the goverment handles big "projects" like this. Its my money, let me do with it as I please.

  • Encourage companies to have health savings accounts that are pre-tax dollars and matched buy the company like 401k are.
  • Expand health clinics, privatly or goverment run, to treat basics (anual exams, well baby, cold and flu type exams) and provide basics for a low charge.
  • Start a "Catastrophic Health Care Plan" this kind of plan is inexpensive and offers no coverage for normal check ups and illnesses. It kicks in if your out of pocket expenses hit over x percentage of your income.
  • Allow paticents to opt into a national health record data base so that no matter where they go the records can be seen by the doctor who is treating them. Have it be accessed like an ATM would be: a card swipe and pass code number.
  • A tax credit for having insurance

I have more, but I am sure your sick of politics for right now, so I will spare you for the time being. Do I have your vote yet?

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Anonymous said...

Though I love you and think you are quite smart I don't think I will be writing your name in on my ballot, hope you can forgive me.