Friday, October 24, 2008


So far, its been quite a week! We left home on Tuesday, dropped off two large mutts at two different houses and headed to Pueblo. Elie was thrilled, she LOVES going to Nana's house. Wednesday morning we enjoyed breakfast and said goodbye to Elie, she was totally ok with us leaving, and started the almost 3 hour drive up to DIA with Addilyn.

After a quick stop at the Babies r us in Park meadow and lunch at our favorite Burger place, 5 Guys, we boarded a plane. Addilyn promptly had a huge, screaming melt down. It wasn't pretty. We were "those people". After about a half hour Addilyn fell asleep. The rest of the flight was uneventful. We stopped by our Whole Foods and picked up some GF stuff for Addilyn and I to eat this weekend.

Matt has spent the last few days working while us girls chill in the hotel. Addilyn has been taking great naps and I have been enjoying the quite time. Last night we rented the newest Indiana Jones movie and popped pop corn. Tonight we are headed out to a nice dinner, just Matt and I, while his Buddie watches the babe. Tomorrow we head north to San Fransisco. More to come...

Our "bathing beauty" enjoying a bath at the hotel

The bedroom

Our "living room"

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Kari said...

Your hotel room looks so comfortable. I wish I could join you!

Sorry to hear Addilyn had an airplane meltdown...hopefully the return flight will be better!