Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok, since everyone else is doing it, I figured I would jump in again with my "2 cents" on the political thing. Those of you who don't give a rip or vote down party lines, you won't offend me if you skip this post. This by no means implies that I know which way to vote, it is just ramblings.

1- I am sick of rich white guys in Washington. This "main street" vs "wall street" crap is driving me insane. Everyone is pointing fingers when the truth is we ALL made this mess.

2- It annoys me when people want to take profits from successful business based on the fact that they are successful. My brother in law is making a killing right now. What does he do? He manages repossessed homes and has more business than he can handle. It is not his fault that people default on a mortgage and no one should be able to take his business profits to help those who can't afford homes just because he is successful.

3- Guess what, "big oil" doesn't set the price of gas, so stop blaming them!

4- I conceptualize the idea of "trickle down" economics. Give the big guys a break and they have better prices so the little guys can buy more. Give rich people tax breaks and they will spend money. I get it, I just don't like it and am not convinced it really works.

5- Must we keep arguing about abortion?! Killing babies is bad. Christian democrats agree with this. They are NOT going to hell. They are just balancing things they don't agree with with other life issues that they DO agree with

6- If I hear one more person talk about how hard a choice a mother has when she chooses to end a babies life, I might just...vomit or something. I hate the idea "she aborted because she knew they baby wouldn't have a good life". People, our poor people are fat. We are one of the only countries in the world that can say this. Babies don't starve here because there is no way they can get food. If a child starves, it is because of a selfish and stupid mother, not because the government doesn't offer options.

7- I am sick of the Pro Lifers preaching "abstain" instead of abortion. In a perfect world, kids wouldn't have sex. We don't live in a perfect world, kids do have sex, its about time we started being a little more pro active. There is a middle ground, it serves no one not to find it.

8- Want to get out of a recession? Lower taxes.

9- I have no faith in our government to handle my money. I am happy to pay my share for roads or schools or whatever, but when it comes to social issues I have way more faith in community organizations run by people who give a damn rather than uncle Sam.

10- I believe we should have health care that we can afford. I believe that doctors are sick of insurance company's too. I don't have a solution and don't like the ones we have been offered by either of the candidate.

11- 2 party politics is crap. This is not what the fore founders of our country had in mind, Washington actually strongly encouraged us in his farewell address to avoid political parties all together. We should have listened.

12- It is not the governments job to take care of the poor, it is the Church's. The church has dropped the ball, we instead spend multi-million dollar budgets on camera crews, music, stages and big buildings to keep all us Christians happy and comfortable. Because of this the government has stepped in to take care of the poor. Unfortunately, they spend waaaay to much money and don't do that great of job. Where does this leave us? With comfortable Christians who pay high taxes.

So, that is where I am politically. I am not a republican or a democrat, I am a disillusioned American who is proud to be part of this country and hopes for so much more.


NLWilliams said...

love this! especially about the poor fat people.
what we need are people to get involved and CARE and not just shove money at a "problem" in society!
In my personal life, sometimes God brings me to a place where I don't see HOW my current situation can be okay, and I get really humbled and full of trust in him.
I feel that way about our nation right now! Like you said, a little disillusioned.
But maybe he's wanting more and more of us to see that the government we might have looked to before for answers has become something many have almost placed as an idol before God.
At least that's I trusted our leaders to lead and now am realizing that no human is supposed to do that in my's all about God and HIS working...not my country's success or failure that's important.

McHam Family said...

Nice work Gretch :) I love it.

Honeycutt Family said...

I agree with some of the same issues as you (i.e. #1 and #5) and disagree with others (i.e. #8 and #9), but I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Sarah said...

Really love how you articulated these thoughts. I also like nlwilliams comment. Haven't thought about it like that before, but it makes a lot of sense.

Courtney Orrange said...

it's true that poor people in america are fatter than in other countries. However, remember what the cheapest food in america is... 79cent guzzlers of soda at the gas station that leave you feeling full for half a day, the dollar menu at any of the fast food places... our cheapest food is hardly "food". But it will leave you fat, and feeling full.

Gretchen Crocker said...

Courtney, you are so right. Just because they eat doesn't mean they are healthy. That is why I love programs like WIC and the Free Lunch programs at school. It is only fair the the poor have access to food that is healthy. I don't love they current way food stamps are done because they don't regulate the free food to free HEALTHY choices. I prefer my tax money to go to eggs, milk, cheese, and other healthy choices instead of potatoe chips.