Sunday, October 5, 2008


We do a lot of it in our house. Sometimes I feel like I spend my day either cooking or cleaning up. Hungry is Elie's default, and if she is eating, Addily wants some too. I lack creativity on some (most) days and end up feeding my kids the same stuff-over and over and over. Here is my list to break out of the rut, I choose one from each category. It will look different than yours because we are gluten free. I don't believe in making our kids a different meal than we have at dinner, so most of this is what we do for breakfast and lunch.

Rice cakes
Arypas (corn cakes)
English muffin or bagel
Muffins or

Hot dogs
Taco meat
Cottage cheese
Eggs (boiled, salad, mixed)
Lunch meat roll ups
Hamburger sticks
Beef jerky
Peanut butter
Cream cheese

Tomato soup
Frozen mixed
French fries
Raw (peppers, cucumber)
Fresh steamed
Pumpkin pancakes
Zucchini bread
Carrot sticks
Freeze dried

Frozen berries
Fruit leather
Banana bread
Baked crisp
Fruit muffins
Freeze dried
Here are some kid friendly things I make and keep in the freezer or fridge for quick lunches and breakfasts:
Meat sticks: Make your favorite meatloaf recipe (1 lb of meat, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs/cereal/oatmeal/smooshed crackers, a big squirt of ketchup/bbq, 1 egg, seasoning) and shape it into sticks and bake on a cookie sheet for about 15 min. or until done. Serve with ketchup for dipping.
Salad: smoosh/grind up egg/tuna/ham/leftover chicken and mix with mayo and small chopped celery. Serve on rice cakes, crackers or toast.
Easy Pizza: Take a piece of bread or English muffin, toast it till crunchy. Top with pizza sauce and cheese then toast again.
Cucumber Sandwich: Shred a cucumber into cream cheese and serve on whatever your kid will eat.
Baked Goods: At any given time I have pancakes, waffles, muffins, arypa's (corn cakes) and bread in my freezer.
OK, this post has gone on long enough. Please, give me some inspiration, what do you feed the little people at your house or what was your favorite meal growing up? Extra credit if it is gluten free...


Honeycutt Family said...

Grace is in a finicky phase, so it has been tricky coming up with food ideas for her too. Elie has always been SUCH a better eater than Gracie!
This is embarrassing and gross, but one of my favorite lunches growing up was a bologna with mayo sandwich. ICK (yet, I still crave it every now and then!)

amanda said...

Gretchen, you're a genius! I'm printing this out and putting it on my fridge. It's so hard coming up with original ideas. We're pretty boring eaters around here. Abby LOVES lettuce and salad though. I'll even make her a kind of southwest salad that has beans, cheese, tomatoes, corn, tortilla chips... and she dips in ranch.

amanda said...

all that on top of lettuce, of course. forgot to say that. :)

McHam Family said...

You are so creative! I printed out your crafty ideas for the kids from a previous post and I just printed this out too. It's going on the fridge. Genius woman! :) I'll have to think about if I can add to the list...

Kari said...

You can't go wrong with jello- jigglers or pudding can make your own pudding and put crushed oreos with gummy worms in it. Kids LOVE that!

Sarah said...

Hi Gretch, this is not on subject, but I think b/c my blog is private, it doesn't update on the side of your blog. I experimented today to see if I made it public it would update, and it did. So sneaky :-) You could have been reading about My House weeks ago if only you had known :-)