Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm baaack!

No, my dear blog friends, I did not fall of the face of the earth. I just arrived home today from California and Grandpa John's funeral. I decided not to take my computer with me, as the thought of trying to get three children four and under PLUS my laptop through airport security was enough to make even someone as cool headed as me feel a touch warm. I am sure I wouldn't make it through with everything and I am really starting to like my kids and they would be expensive to replace. Speaking of warm, Elie is running a temp of 102. Addilyn had a fever off and on all weekend too, because the only thing more fun than traveling with 3 small children is traveling with two out of three sick. Oh yeah, and Matt didn't fly home with me, he is still in CA for business. Know what I am doing right now? Drinking a very large glass of wine, I earned it. Always one to be gathering knowledge, I thought I might bless your day with what I learned on this trip:

-Open caskets are a terrible idea. I would much rather be remembered full of life instead of as a nicely painted shell. Really, when I die, cremate me and throw a party with all my favorite foods and some yummy drinks. Share pictures and talk about the good times, don't gawk at my dead carcass.

-Whom ever invented those stupid automatic flushing toilets should be shot or at least stuck with the bill for the therapy my children will require after visiting the airport bathrooms. Addilyn never did "preform" for one of those, the poor baby held it for hours instead. Really, how hard is it to push down the little leaver? Does the automatic really save that much time?

-Children should come with muzzles. Eliana announced while waiting in line to board the plane that mommy has big, hairy buns. Fabulous. She was standing right behind me at the time and she is butt height, but really that is no excuse. And, for the record, while my buns may be big, they are hairless.

-When possible, always leave squirrel two year olds at home. This one requires no explanation and if I really had to state it, you haven't spent nearly enough time with small children.

Our time in CA was nice. It was great to see family again, even if the occasion was sad. Grandpa's funeral was nice and the military honors were touching. I am still glad to be home, if for no other reason than to have my laptop back.


McHam Family said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

First of all - TOTALLY with you on the funeral thing! Same here. I want a big party - You be in charge of the desserts ;)

Secondly, if you put a post it note over the flashing red light the auto-flush won't flush until you remove it. Haven't ever done that but heard it works. Love the idea of the therapy bills though!

Thirdly, how do you know your buns aren't hairy? Can you see them? I can't see mine. Maybe yours ARE hairy and Elie was just trying to politely point it out to you. Sure, she picked an awkward time but she is only 4. Sorry.

Oh and I forgot to share a story with you: A toddler was playing outside and he ran inside and put his face inside the fridge and sighed. His mom said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and he said "(sigh) I'm putting some COLDNESS on my HOTNESS!" I laughed when I heard that this morning knowing you of all people would totally get that!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

Sorry the babes are sick! How did Elie do with the whole funeral thing, though?

I have heard the Post-It note suggestion that Jenny mentioned, but I don't keep sticky notes handy at all times myself, so I've also heard that draping some t.p. over the auto flush light keeps it from flushing too.

Missed ya (hairy or hairless buns and all)! Can't wait to chat soon!