Thursday, March 11, 2010


Some days I feel like my children sneak a peak at my to-do list and make their best effort to thwart every attempt at productivity. Can you tell that today was one of those days? I try not to be a whiner, but today I can't help it.

Life keeps getting in the way of everything I need to get done. Between Grandpa John passing and a quick trip to California followed by this coming long weekend in Little Rock, my to-do list is becoming a "never will get done" list. The 5 minute increments of time are not enough to do things like fold 4 loads of laundry and clean the kitchen and mop the very nasty floor.

Annabelle decided she needed mommy today. She was happy to sleep, as long as I didn't put her down and wanted to eat just about every hour. Addilyn wet the bed at nap time, which she has never done before. Otis peed on the floor and I might just kill him. Eliana complained about every piece of food I served her and the night ended for Addilyn when I refused to give her another cookie. She melted down and I put her to bed screaming. I hate when evenings end that way.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on. I know I am blessed to have my girls, my home and my biggest problem be my lack of ability to accomplish anything. I am now self medicating with wine and an embarrassingly large amount of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.


amanda said...

I swear that is almost every day for me! It's a good thing we have a good day every once in a while...this mom stuff is hard! And there's nothing wrong with cookies :)

McHam Family said...

You go girl. When you get here I will dote on you and take care of you!! I can't make any promises about laundry though. I don't seem to stay on top of my own... But I can promise a large glass of wine (or 3) every single night!! :) xoxo

Denise said...

I'm sorry, sweetie....just prayed for you; sounds like Jenni or Jeni or Jenny is all ready to pamper you. How about that girl that needs to come in and do your big house stuff every couple of weeks....where is she?...really?