Sunday, March 28, 2010

This weeks menu

Friday is supposed to be the day I do all my shopping...and I mean ALL, but this week Matt was gone until mid-day Saturday. I do not take all 3 children into the store, I would rather go hungry. We make do without until I can go by myself because I can either stay on budget or shop with children. I usually make at least 5 stops, sometimes more, and can finish in about 3 hours. Since I don't make the money in this family, I do my best to spend it wisely by shopping sales and using coupons. This week at King Soopers (Kroger) I did very well. I saved 48% and almost $100. Doing this also allows me to buy extras for the food pantry at our church. I also plan the weeks menu according to what is on sale, here are the highlights of this week:

Coconut Shrimp, Sweet potato fries, salad
Pasta with scallops and Bacon, french bread and salad
Bean and sausage soup with corn bread
Baked eggs, asparagus, bread
BBQ Chicken on the grill, potatoes, steamed broccoli

Breakfast and lunches will look a lot like what we usually have. I think I will make up a batch of banana muffins for snacks and might serve toast with cream cheese for breakfast. I am in need of inspiration for creative breakfasts and lunches, what do your kids love?

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McHam Family said...

For breakfast we have been doing a lot of french toast, oatmeal with fruit, bagels with cream cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs (usu. with sauteed peppers), and peanut butter toast.

For lunch today I cut up apple slices and dropped a spoonful of almond butter on their plates and some graham crackers. Lunch voila! This is always a hit. Same thing with hummus & veggies (carrots, cucumbers, peppers). Deli meat, a slice of cheese, and some carb is a good one. Cheese quesadillas - always a hit.

These are my kid's favorites. Good luck!! And way to go on your shopping girl!!!!! I am inspired!!