Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

It coulden't be avoided. Well, I guess it could have, but it would have required death and I wasn't quite ready to go to that extreme. On Friday, I turned 30. Oy. It even LOOKS old. My husband and some of my sweet friends helped to soften the blow by having a party to celebrate. Later that night, Kari and I went out and enjoyed a night on the town. I wore completely impractical shoes and stayed out way too late and loved every minuite of it.

Saturday morning my sister was sweet enough to take the girls for a few hours so I could relax and recover. Matt and I enjoyed a quiet morning drinking coffee and watching the rain fall.

That afternoon we went over to my friend Sarah's new house. It is lovely and I can't wait to see it finished. I am so glad she left the East coast to come back to Colorado!

Sunday morning we considered going to church, decided it was too much work and enjoyed another morning drinking coffee together on the couch. We got supplies ready and did some prep work for making sushi with some friends for the evening. I am not really that big of sushi fan, but must say dinner was very good.

The weekend was over and I was not exactly rested. Matt packed his bags and headed to NYC for the week so it is just the girls and I holding down the fort. Maybe next weekend we can just do nothing. HA! that will never happen.

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