Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Eats

Summer is awesome. We spend hours outside biking, hiking, playing in the sand, swinging, gardening and all the other great things that summer brings. In the heat of the day we make like our neighbors to the (far) south and enjoy a siesta. As the evening comes and cools the heat of the day our yard is mostly in the shade and the children are well rested and ready to play. Which is a problem. Trying to convince 2 squirly kids to sit nicely and eat healthy food when they rather be running/digging/swinging/ridding is like trying to get (one of my) babies to sleep though he night...impossible.

So I gave up. No, I didn't give up feeding them, though with the chicken legs those girls sport I could see why you might think that. I gave up making them sit for dinner. I simply place a plate of healthy choices in snack size bites out on the kids pic-nic table and let them eat it as they please while trying not to be icked-out by the amount of sand I know they probable ingest. They eat more food, whine less and Matt and I enjoy a nice meal together.

They don't get to do this for every meal or even every dinner but when the sun is shining and the cool breeze is blowing it seems like such a waste of energy to be the dinner police. Energy that is much better spent running/digging/swinging/ridding.


McHam Family said...

so true oh wise one. you are such a great mommy!

Honeycutt Family said...

Good for you!!!!! :)