Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is a fine line between bravery and sheer stupidity, a line I think I may have crossed more times than I like to admit. Lets just look at this week, for example:

-I am sick of fighting Addilyn about her binky. She is always bringing it down stairs and throwing a fit when I take it away. So, while she was otherwise occupied I took the scissors to her binkys. Brave or stupid? I placed them back in her bed. At nap time she grabbed a bink and immediately took it back out of her mouth. "mama, binkys broken!". I told her she was such a big girl and she had such big teeth they must have broken her binkys. She totally bought it."Buy new ones". I wondered if she would take a nap that day. She was squirly in her bed for almost an hour but finally fell asleep. Bed time was the same. We will see if it lasts. What a great plan, lets risk Addilyn not sleeping while Matt is out of town!

- My friend Georgia who runs the animal rescue called me on Sunday night. She asked if she could pick up our current three kittens (Oscar, Octavia, and Othello) so she could get them fixed and ready for adoption this weekend. I was sad to see them go but happy to give them a chance a new life. Then she dropped the bomb: she had a mama cat and 6 one day old kittens who needed a temporary home, would I take them? Sure, why not, after all I am already caring for 3 children and 2 dogs, what is a couple more? Stupid or brave?

Turns out mama is not all that thrilled with being a mama. Not that I can blame her, sometimes I get sick of caring for one baby, let alone six. She is also not healthy, despite the fact the shelter said she was. She is sneezing, her eyes are watering, her nose is running, she has a fever and feels awful. Great. So now I have one sick mama and 6 helpless babies. Yesterday I took them to the vet. Mama isn't eating or drinking. I wanted to foster animals because I love them and i love all the opportunities to teach that come from caring for animals. I was hoping not to have to teach the "sometimes babies die" lesson. Pray for out kittens, they are so sweet. We have 3 black, 2 orange and one tri-color. Like I wasn't doing enough just managing life, now to my to-do list I can add force feeding liquids to a mama cat and weighing babies every day to make sure they are growing. This may be on the "stupid" side. But could you say no to these guys?


Denise said...

Don't have a strong opinion on the binky subject but whatever happens with the momma cat and kittens you will have great opportunities to teach some basic biblical truths to the girls. That's exciting in itself no matter what happens.

Spike said...

These kittens are so adorable. You are so kind to be a temporary house for them. As for the binky keep with it. That is how my best friend got her girl to stop taking them. Once they were deflated she totally lost interest they were no longer what she needed. Good Luck!

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