Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bye Bye Kittens

I am proud to say we successfully fostered 2 kittens. By successfully I mean we didn't kill the kittens, mame them in any way or keep them. All of the above would be considered a failure. The kittens left our home fat, happy and ready to make someone a wonderful pet. Pixi and Payton were our first attempt at fostering and it was such a blast. The girls loved having them and the kittens loved (or tolerated well) our girls. I would often find Eliana reading or watching television with a kitten asleep in her arms.

This was an educational experience for all. The girls had to learn that kittens are not for curling despite how well the little balls of fur slide across the hard wood floors and that you may not throw them on the couch even though it is fun to watch them bounce. Addilyn had to be reminded that tails and handles are not one in the same and that no one really likes to be picked up by the head. The kittens had to learn that it is a bad idea to play in the dishwasher or the freezer and that it isn't ok to sit on the babies head when she is trying to nurse. I learned that cheap cat litter is worthless. Matt learned that he actually likes cats...when they are kittens and he doesn't have to keep them.

So, despite all the nay-sayers who said we would end up the proud owners of these cats, we did not. The will be missed, but not for long, as we will be getting 3 more kittens on Saturday.

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