Thursday, June 24, 2010


Forgive the lack of posts this week, I am chillin' in California with Matt and Annabelle. It has been so nice.

Our flight out was a little early on Tuesday morning. We didn't leave the house as promptly as we would have liked, hit traffic and had to hike out to the commuter terminal. By the time we got there it was 10 minutes until the flight took off. The flight attendant was shutting the door as we walked up. I told her we were on the flight and she said that the flight was closed. She wouldn't let us on. So we watched as the shut the door on the airplane, finished loading the bags, and pulled away the gate thinggy. Matt was livid. We ended up getting on the next plane, which was bigger and we got upgraded!

Yesterday Matt had to work. Annabelle enjoyed a quiet day at the hotel. I never get the time to just lay on the floor and play with the baby. What did I do when I only had one kid?! I read my book and took a nap. When Matt got back we went out to Willow Street pizza. They have gluten free pizza and pasta. It was soo yummy.

Today we are headed to San Fransisco. We have our sights set on a gluten free bagel place for brunch and Woodhouse Fish Company for a late lunch or dinner. Yes, we plan trips around the food we are going to eat. Oh yeah, we are going to hit up Gehridelli too.

Tomorrow we are going to Santa Cruz boardwalk. It will be fun to show Baby Belle the ocean for the first time.

The weather has been awesome and so has the time with Matt. My father is taking care of the big girls, who I am sure are havin a great time. I will up date with some photos when I get home.

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McHam Family said...

So true. What did we do with only one child?? Remember when we felt so overwhelmed? Ok, ***I*** felt so overwhelmed?? :) Can't WAIT to see you all soon and get my hands on those three precious munchkins of yours!!!