Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Choose an Identity

"Choose and Identity". This is what Blogger says when you post a comment. The sad part is, I tried and it didn't let me. I choose that today I wanted to be someone else.

My Identity today: I am a 5' 11'' brunette who weighs 140. I have a great body, perfect complexion and my hair and make-up is flawless. My wardrobe is not only all clean, but it all fits perfectly and is very fashionable. My career is "Pastry Taster". I sit in a plush office, overlooking the ocean. I am not a celiac. I have a personal assistant and house keeper. For lunch I meet with all my best friends. We take a long lunch with lots of wine at an Italian restaurant. I go back to work, get off early so I can prepare for a date with my husband. We go to the theater. We come back to our spotless loft and snuggle under down comforters all night until late the next morning.

This is the identity that I choose, yet I am still sitting her in my jamies. My hair is undone, I weigh much more than that, and lets not even talk make up and hair. Blogger lies. I want my money back.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

As usual, I'm cracking up! Love it...However, I like the "Pastry Taster" part of the identity. And the wine for lunch....oh heck, all of it!