Sunday, January 25, 2009


Current favorite words: nocturnal and octagon. Yes, she uses them correctly.

Most recent funny sayings: "Happy New Ears!" and "I have a terrible head egg"

Favorite game: Pretending to be the mommy and taking "Mama Elie" and "Papa Elie" to the doctor for eating to many cookies. We always end up getting shots.

Pastimes: Bossing around the sister, the dog and anyone in her vicinity. Pretending. Watching monkey and "Milo and Otis". Reading books. Asking lots and lots of questions. Taking Earl for a walk.

Favorite Foods: broccoli, qusadillas, pizza, frozen peas, pasta with red sauce, frosting

Hates: getting hair brushed, done, and washed. Being "stuck" in her car seat. Anyone touching her "bubas" (bunnies)

Current interest: Letters and how words work, anything to do with artistic pursuits, mud, snow, singing songs and throwing in the word "poop"

Best friend: Earl, the potato my father drew a face on 2 weeks ago. Earl is her brother. I am afraid of what is going to happen when Earl starts to rot. Thanks dad.


Kari said...

You had better make some grocery store runs to get back up Earl's...

McHam Family said...

YOu crack me up! I'm with Kari - maybe some backup Earl's... you know... just in case...

I also love that she & T love a lot of the same things - they really are kindred spirits!! T loves giving us shots. Go figure. And his favorite new words are "pteradactyl" and "Backyardigans." He likes to tell us those are "really, really big words!" And the hair thing - what's up with that?? T has started being anti-shampoo. What now??