Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goodbye 2008

So usually I send out a Crocker's Top 10 list with a Christmas picture. Alas, this year I was lazy, so here is the list.

10. Addilyn Joy Crocker entered our family in January and the whole lot of us have gotten considerably less sleep, but we kept her anyway.

9. Matt traveled...a lot. He has been all over the country, gone for at least one week, usually more, a month. Sony is bound and determined to get there money's worth.

8. Gretchen went to Roanoke to surprise her friend Jenny. Had a wonderful few days, despite the fact her bag didn't ever show up.

7. Elie and Addie have become such great friends. Addie calls for Elie and they play together so nicely. I pray they remain this close for years to come.

6.We spent a ton of time with our friends. Between weekly play group get togethers, girls/guys night outs and every other weekend BBQ's we really enjoyed the fellowship.

5. Disney! Elie had her first experience and was...confused? Not really, it just will be a lot more fun when she is a little older. We sure had fun with the family in CA though!

4. We got a bike trailer and had many a family adventure. We had to wait a bit for Addie to be big enough, but then there was no stopping us!

3. Gretchen joined a gym. No one was more surprised than she was to find that exercise isn't so bad after all. Well, not all exercise, just yoga.

2. Matt ended up in jail. It's a long story that he didn't find funny for quite some time. He has since come around. It really wasn't a big deal, but it sure felt like it at the time!

1.We had a wonderful Christmas season full of family and friends. God has really blessed us this year and we are thankful in so many ways!
Here is a picture of our family at "Zoo Lights", an anual traditions for us.


Elizabeth said...

Ok Gretchen, You always make me laugh out loud. I LOVE the list...good stuff! I am, however, completely curious about the jail situation. That sounds pretty funny actually...Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Hello 2009!

Heard you are starting the cake decorating classes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I start course 2 on Thursday!

Honeycutt Family said...

I love that the jail story made your list! Glad Matt is starting to see the humor in the situation! :)