Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Have you followed the Dugger family? If you don't know what I am talking about, than you can safely assume you haven't. They are the family that just had baby number 18. Wow. They believe in the concept "Quiverful", meaning having as many children as God chooses to bless you with and not using any form of prevention. Did I say "wow"?

I am not against what that family has chosen to do. They support themselves and raise there children to be good people. The love God and fit the jumper wearing stereo type of "christian home schooler". I say more power to um!

As I was reading there site and the "Quiverfull" site, I was struck by one thing: the concept of children as a blessing. Sure, we toss that around a lot, but do we really believe it? If I believe my children are a blessing from God, do I have a right to say when I am done being blessed? I mean, the scriptures refer to trials as a blessing too and I don't want any more of those!

Do I treat my kids as blessing from the Lord? Do I treat them as another thing to care for on the "to-do" list, do I handle them as little goal blockers preventing me from getting done what I want? What about money and kids? Do I treat my children as one more thing keeping me from traveling, having the job I want or retiring when I want to? I wonder if it would effect my fulfillment if I thought of my children as Divine blessings. I may start referring to myself as "Chosen keeper of Divine blessings" instead of mother.

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Denise said...

Wow!!! I'm so blessed that you're my daughter-in-law and the "Chosen Keeper" of my grandchildren. I am praying for three more just like you!