Monday, January 19, 2009


-This weather is AWESOME! Just when you think you might have to leave your children duct taped in the closet until spring, God pulls out all the stops and gives us a 60 degree day. It's supposed to be this nice all week!

-We went on a walk around the lake. We took the single stroller for Addie and Elie's bike. This was a big thing since Elie hasn't really done much riding. We discovered it takes a fair amount of coordination to peddle AND steer. This was not one of our faster walks.

- Some things that you as an adult with life experience may consider a given, a 3 year old does not. Take, for instance, keeping your eyes open while ridding a bike. Even when the sun is in them, you must keep them open, or you will end up ridding your bike into the ditch. Repeatedly.

- Communication is key and the almost 1 year old has it mastered! She nods her head for yes and shakes it for no. She signs sleep, eat, drink, hat, please, more, all done, and hot. She says all kinds of words, the word of the day yesterday was "blueberry". This was shouted repeatedly at Matt when he told her she couldn't have any more.

-Transportation is relative. Addilyn is a master crawler. She crawls "normal"about 70% of the time now. She has got the stairs down like a champ. She will push chair and "walk behind" toys all over the house. She WILL NOT walk while holding on to your fingers. She takes about 3 steps and sits. She just isn't interested. So much for walking by a year old!

-Somewhere in the last 5 years I have ceased to be young and cool. I was suspicious that this might have happened, but I had it confirmed by going out with people much cooler than I am on Thursday night. We went line dancing at a country bar, ladies drink free. I got home pushing the 2 o'clock hour. I had a blast but it took me a day or two recovery. I think I will do it again this Thursday.

-Reading is a wonderful thing. Addilyn has discovered the joy of books, beyond eating them. She will sit with a basket of them for 20 minutes, just like her sister did at this age. Elie loves to read still and I often find her sitting on the pot reading a magazine. Her father is so proud.


Kari said...

I love the updates on the girls...and proud of Elie for trying out her bike! I'll have to take her to the park next time.

PS - you are cool and so glad you came out Thurs...look forward to snagging you again this week. Yee-haw!

amanda said...

Wow! Your girls are doing great. Abby can't figure out the whole pedaling thing AT ALL... much less steering too. And Addilyn is so smart! Ella's just starting to act like she might want to communicate.

Denise said...

"Her father is so proud."

Yep, from an early father, like daughter.

McHam Family said...

OH MY GOSH! Your blog entries make me CRACK UP! I love the duct tape comment! And we are so with you on the walking thing. Pierce took his first steps on THANKSGIVING. COME OOOOOOOON! I wasn't ready at first but now my right hip and butt cheek just might fall off.

Elizabeth said...

I'm cracking up! Too funny about the magazine...classic! Also, I'm sure you are SO very worries there! Jenny and I should go line dancing!

Shi Town said...

Gretchen, I think you were the coolest person at the Rose. You helped me have a really "fun" night, so for that I am ever grateful! Can't wait for this week...