Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Annabelle Faith 9 months

I can't believe the babe is 9 months. With the first kid, time moves a bit slowly, it seems your always on the look out for the next big development. Kid number 2 time moves faster. With the third I keep finding myself wondering where the time went! Here is what is new in baby Belle's world:

-Alert the fairy, we have a tooth! Just one, on top. We are going to have to rename her "Fang" unless she starts growing more.

-The conversations have begun. Eliana talked early, Addilyn still doesn't have a lot to say. Annabelle now says "hi" and "mama". She signs "eat" and "more" and we are working on "all done".

-Not much sleep in the Crocker house. Belle still has NEVER once slept through the night. Sigh. I know it will happen some day but if my sanity is to remain in tact, I hope that day comes soon!

-Belle is very happy to sit and has no desire to crawl. I have found her standing in her crib. I am in no hurry to have her on the move and am strongly considering duct taping her hiney to the floor.

- She is selectively eating real food. Not a big fan of much, but can down the baby cereal like nobodies business.

-Belle is a peanut, just like my other 2. Keeping with the trend, I think I will be 3 for 3 who fail to hit 20 pounds by a year old.

Love the quilt in the picture? Props to Randi, my sister-in-laws mama, for her mad quilting skillz. Check out her blog and her fabric store here.


Jennifer McHam said...

LOVE the quilt!!! And love that baby Belle!!! What a cutie patootie! You grow 'em good friend :) xoxo.

Denise said...

Oh, my baby Belle....I'm missing her; I'm missing Elie; I'm missing Addilyn....I'm missing you guys. We gotta remedy that!