Saturday, August 14, 2010

In the last 48 hrs

I got three little girls dressed in swimming suits ( or "dewy doups" as Addilyn calls them) slathered in sun screen and took them swimming. I successfully brought them all home, I did not, however successfully apply my own sun screen and now have a purplish-red colored area on my back

I hit 4 different stores to do my weekly shopping and almost stayed in budget. Almost.

I went to see a fireworks show and hear an outdoor concert with my two eldest daughters. This proved to be very educational for Middle child, who up to this point had a lot of confusion about the difference between thunder, lightening and fireworks. I blame this on the massive rain storm we got caught in when we attempted to see them on the 4th of July. Confusion is now cleared up. At least on this subject

I went to a meeting for the non-profit I sit on the board for. See, I am able to do grown-up things and even spend an entire morning without talking about children. At least without talking about my children. In case your interested, it looks like over the next 14 months we will be granting 6 micro-finance projects with 3 different groups of women in Guatemala and maybe starting a sewing school in Nepal.

I made and delivered dinner for friend who just welcomed there first baby. He is a doll, all squished up and rolled into a tiny little wad of baby. And he smells wonderful.

I made 3 loaves of zucchini bread, 1 pan of muffins and one "faux" apple crisp using zucchini. Most of this will be gone within the next 10 days.

I enjoyed a bbq with friends and family where I ate a hamburger...WITH A BUN! I realize that with normal people this is not a caps worthy event, but I haven't had a good Burger with bun in forever. We just discovered a new gf bun that is very yummy. So exciting!

Tomorrow I will go to Church (aren't you proud of me, Grandma!) meet with a friend to off-load baby stuff and hand with the hubs. Whew what a relaxing?! weekend.

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