Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My friend Jen is a woman of many talents. Besides being a wonderful mother, wife and amazing best friend, she is also a fabulous photographer. She is so good, she does it for a living. While they were out here visiting, she graciously took picture of my children. Here they are.

No, I don't love Addilyn more than the other two, she just takes great pictures. She is a ham and an adorable 2 year old, if i do say so myself. Annabelle was being a grump. Eliana tries to be good and helpful and smile, but it isn't a very natural smile. More like a grimace. Sorta like she just ate something icky or got goosed or something. Despite those challenges, Jen managed to get some great shots of each of my kids. Thanks Jen!
To check out more of her work click here http://www.mchamfamily.blogspot.com


Honeycutt Family said...

She is so incredibly talented! Amazing to say, "We knew her when...."

Jennifer McHam said...

Heehee :) Thanks friends! You are amazing!!! Love you girls!!