Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to: Eat a meal like a 9 month old

Step 1: Sit in your chair and scream indignantly until food is brought directly too you

Step 2: Examine everything offered with a critical eye

Step 3: Poke it

Step 4: Lick finger and decide on first course

Step 5: Eat all the fruit and carbs and throw the veggies on the floor for the dog. Take a bite of meat, shudder, gag and decide to eat it anyway

Step 6: Squeeze everything that is left on you plate in your fist and watch in amazement as it oozes between fingers.

Step 7: Lick hand, get mouth full of food and sneeze. Giggle

Step 8: Smack slimy hand on table, enjoy the noise and the splatter

Step 9: Rub whatever remains in your hair

Step 10: Holler and sign "all done" frantically until someone releases you from the confines of your chair. Fight every attempt to get you clean.


Becky Johnson said...

Tooo cute!!!

Jennifer McHam said...

I think I peed a little from laughing so hard!