Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am feeling grumpy today. I have no good reason. I got a full nights sleep but still feel like I could use more. The weather is awesome, the kids are being reasonably well behaved, we are fostering 3 adorable kittens, my fridge is stocked my laundry is started, my house is... kind of a wreck, but that is nothing new. I have no reason for my bad attitude.

I just took a meal to a friend of mine with seven children, most of whom are sick right now, three who are sick enough to be spending time at the hospital and on oxygen. One of those three is under a year old. My kids are all healthy, as are Matt and I.

I leave for a few day in Miami a week from today. I will be spending time with Matt and laying in the sun, hanging out with friends. I have no reason for this funk.

We got our tax return. We have enough to pay for the un-fun stuff that comes up in life and a couple of plane tickets to CA later this summer. We are blessed beyond reason.

Matt just told me not to bother with dinner, that he will pick something up, so I am off the hook for cooking.

But no one took naps this afternoon. And the baby has an attitude problem. And the kittens pooped on my kitchen rug and then I stepped in it with my slipper and tracked it around the kitchen. My hair is doing crazy things. My husband is crazy busy at work and stressed out, then he leaves and I won't see him until next week. Though it is started, my laundry NEVER ends.

I would pray for a better attitude...but I don't want to. I don't want to clean the play room or vacuum the stairs. I don't want to hand the dress shirts. I don't want to scrub the floor, toilet or shower. I don't want anything. Except sit here. Wallowing in my grumpys. Stewing in my surliness. Making those around me wish they weren't.


Jennifer McHam said...

All of this after a fun filled day about pigs?? I'm sorry friend!!! I do not like days like that!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

You and I share a brain sometimes, I think. I was stressed and grumpy and "off" today too for no good reason. Hate days like that! Hope we both have a better one tomorrow....

Kari Marie said...

I'm sorry that you had a cruddy day. You're entitled to those without reason or justification. :-)

I hope today is better! Love you!