Thursday, March 24, 2011


I love being the mother of girls. The dresses and shoes, the bows and babies and especially the tea parties. Eliana and I have been doing tea since she was about 2 years old. We don't do it every day but it does seem to happen several times a month. Sometimes we use my tea stuff (full size) and sometimes we use hers (miniature). We set the table/floor, get out our napkins and table cloth, brew some tea, fetch some cookies and sometimes invite our friends. It is all very formal. I have discovered that some tea edict, that you would think is a given, is less so when doing tea with a one, three and five year old. Here is my list:

- It is impolite to stick your toes in your cup of tea or anyone elses.
- Sisters will get angry if you take their cookie off their plate, even if you were not going to eat it but just lick the frosting off of it.
-It is good manors to wear undies to the tea party while wearing a dress and sitting on the floor
- Don't lick the spoon that everyone is using to stir their tea even if there is a little sugar stuck to it.
-If you turn away for even a moment, someone will empty the sugar dish into their mouth
-When papa comes up from working JUST so he can have a tea party with his girls, the girls will glow the rest of the day
-It is always good to have a metal list of good conversation topics so you don't get stuck talking about why the kittens have stinky toots.
- Everyone is invited, even the baby, even though she may spill her tea and sit on the fruit plate

If you ever find yourself without something to do mid day, please give me a call. We will brew a fresh pot, put on our undies and wash our toes just for you.


Jennifer McHam said...

and this is why I love you :)

NLWilliams said...

wish we lived next door -- we could take turns brewing the tea!
you are brave though, b/c we haven't invited the baby yet...he's a boy after all, so he doesn't mind :)

Sarah said...

Oh man! I miss having tea! We will have to plan a weekend tea party soon.