Monday, March 21, 2011


We all have areas of our character that are in need of...refinement. I have some things I have made progress on and some that I have a loooooong way to go on. One of these is living in the in between stages of life. When you know a big choice is looming on the horizon but you don't have any information or power to make a choice and keep moving. I am a do-er. I am a fix-er. I am not a wait-er.

We are at that place in our life right now. Matt has some big job changes coming up but nothing that we can move on just yet. I hate this place. I makes me grumpy and hard to live with, just ask Matt. You see, Sony has decided that Matt's job is no longer remote based. That means he has to go into his office. Every day. And California is a reaaaaallly long commute. While they have told us this, they have not yet given us the "move to California" offer. So we wait.

A former coworker of Matt's has contacted him about another position. Matt is really excited about what the job includes....everything except that the job includes living in New Jersey. Actually, Matt is ok with living in New Jersey, it is Gretchen who who wants to live there like I want a hole in my head. That is ok, because they haven't given Matt an official offer yet either. So we wait.

Another person who used to work with Matt has been trying to get him to come on board for a while now at his new company. Matt has been talking to him, too. We would have to live in the Bay area or in Fort Collins for that job. But they haven't given Matt an offer either and we are still waiting on a interview for them. So we wait.

A local company just asked if Matt would be willing to talk to them on Wednesday. Of course Matt is very willing. But it is Monday and we don't know much about the position, so we wait.

I hate waiting. If I am to move, fine, let me know so I can start the organizing, packing, purging, etc (ugh, even writing that makes me tired!) But I HATE waiting. I bet God is trying to teach me something right now, but I am not feeling real "teachable". I am feeling grumpy and impatient. Have I mentioned that I HATE WAITING?


Kari Marie said...

I hate waiting too. Big time...waiting for medical results, waiting for a job offer, waiting for a man...I've waited too and it sucks.

I've turned to this verse often...simple and yet reminds me that His goodness is waiting on the otherside.

"I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in His Word." Psalms 130:5

Jennifer McHam said...

Oh friend. How I can sympathize with this. A friend recently asked me, "Do you pray for patience?" And then I realized she was *kindly* saying that maybe God was trying to TEACH me some patience :) !! I wish I could take this from you. I can promise though that a year from now it will all seem like a distant memory. Vodka helps. Love you.

Sarah said...

Hey Gretch, I hear ya on the waiting! Given all that has happened in the last few years I feel like life seems to be a constant lesson in patience. There is many a time when I ask God "Can we work on developing another virtue for a while? PLEASE". Still waiting on that answers haha ;-)