Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Cupcake

Some things just make my day. The children sleeping in and waking up happy, a clean house, empty laundry baskets...and food. I am a big fan of food. Some people are "eat to live" types, I am not one of them. Finding a great deal at the store also makes me happy. I choose to believe I am "thrifty" not "cheap". And kitchen gadgets. Ok, so that is a little random, but I really like kitchen things. Maybe it is my love of food. The other day was a GREAT day when I came across a cupcake maker on clearance at Target. My heart skipped a beat. My husband rolled his eyes but my girls were thrilled.
Meet my new friend. Isn't she adorable?! And the best part is that she makes 6 cupcakes in 10 minutes! The girls and I put the little gadget to work right away with some chocolate chocolate chip cup cakes that I frosted with chocolate frosting I had in my fridge (what, you don't always have several types of frosting on hand?!) They were great, fast, easy and yummy.

I suppose some might argue that 1-No one needs cupcakes so often that they would need one of these and 2- an oven works just fine. To this person I say HA! You have no scope of imagination!! And of COURSE you need cupcakes often enough to justify a cute little guy like this! But, even if you're not a cup cake eater (really, can we still be friends?) here are some things that I will be making in my sassy pink machine:

-Cheesecake (use ginger snap as a crust)
-Rice Pudding (left over rice mixed with milk and an egg, dash of sugar, Cinnamon and vanilla)
-Cookie cups (press cookie around cupcake form and fill with ice cream when cooled)
- Muffins (pams if your GF or Jiffy mix if your not, add whatever fruit you have on hand)
- bread pudding (dry bread mixed with milk, eggs, Cinnamon baked then topped with syrup)
- Baked oatmeal (oatmeal, egg, milk, applesauce, brown sugar and whatever fruit you have)

Now my husband is not really a sweets kind of guy, although the cookie cups and brownies did get his attention, so here are some ideas for REAL food

-quiche (mix eggs, dash of milk and creamed spinach to cook in cups)
- fritatta (frozen hash browns, frozen pepper and onion mix, eggs)
- Biscuits (prepared biscuit mix stirred up with bacon bits and cheese)
- Corn bread (plain or add ham and cheese or black beans, green chilies and cheese)
- Meatloaf cups (meatloaf formed into cup, baked the filled with mashed potatoes)

My mouth is watering. I have used my fancy little machine for several types of cup cakes and muffins and can't wait to branch out. I should add that I use it with silicone muffin cups to make it easier. I know there is a children's cook book devoted to making things in the little silicone cup cake cups that I may need to check out from the library for more ideas.

If you have little pink cupcake machine envy (and I KNOW you do) you need to scoot yourself over to Target and pick one up while they are on clearance. You won't be sorry, but you might go up a pant size.

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