Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring means kittens

It is getting to be spring. This means flowers and warmer days, sunshine and things turning green, and if you foster cats it means LOTS of kittens.

We have been a foster home for kittens for almost a year now and what a blessing it has been. Besides my daughters loving it, they have learned so much about compassion and responsibility. Having kittens has stimulated all kinds of great conversations about life and death, the effects of our choices on others and doing your work even when you don't want to because someone is counting on you. The girls and I have learned so much.

At our house we currently have 2 mama cats. Sasha gave birth to a litter of 4 girls last week. Honeybear is huge and pregnant and going to pop any day now. I swear she must have 6 kittens at least in there, with her tennis ball head and beach ball belly she can hardly walk. If left at the shelter, these mama and their litters would have been killed. You see, shelters have limited space and kittens can't be adopted out until they are 8 weeks old so shelters just can't keep them. My friend Georgia picks them up and we keep them until they are big enough to find forever homes.

Interested? The amount of work it takes to care for kittens is minimal and more could be saved if more people were willing to snuggle a kitten for a few weeks. You won't be sorry.

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