Thursday, April 29, 2010

Annabelle Faith 5 months

Annabelle Faith is...
-5 and a half months old
- On a decent schedule: Wake at 6:30 nap at 8:30 nap at 12:30 and nap at 4:30. To bed at 7
- a terrible night time sleeper, like all Crocker babies before her
- amazed by her toes
- rolling all over the place
- sitting by herself, except when she forgets to.
- still on only breast milk. Maybe we will try solid food soon.
- has long chicken legs. I apparently am unable to make a baby with fat rolls.
- grabbing anything in her reach. I can no longer hold her and drink a cup of coffee.
- in love with her sisters... and the dogs.
- is a totally mamas girl. The only one of the three!
- a blessing and totally loved by her family.


McHam Family said...

The second picture brought tears to my eyes and gave my goose bumps. Blow it up and get it printed - STAT!

Denise said...

Oh, she's just so precious! I miss my babies.

Honeycutt Family said...

She looks more like Addilyn in some of these pics!
I'm going to be your memory, though, and keep you honest girl--AJ was a bit of a Momma's Girl too until you weaned her. And Addilyn had SOME fat rolls (nothing like normal baby fat rolls, but fat rolls compared to your other 2).

Kari said...

Beautiful pictures! Seriously, that is one beautiful baby girl!