Monday, April 5, 2010


Saturday night the Easter Bunny came early and brought us all...wait for it... THE STOMACH FLU! We thought it might just be food poisoning because only Matt and Elie were struck down that night. Elie was ready to rock for Easter the next day...Matt not so much. So I put the girls in there Easter frills and off to church we went, leaving Matt to sleep it off. I wasn't feeling great, but I had been up with a sick kid the night before and just chalked it up to lack of sleep.

We came home from church, put the girls down for naps and got everything ready to head over to my sisters later that afternoon. The girls awoke and off we went to eat appetizers and hunt eggs. The kids had a great time but Addilyn was in a mood.

By Easter night Addilyn, Baby Belle and I were all sick. And of course, Matt left for CA early this morning. I do believe we are on the road to recovery. I stayed in my PJ's all day and drank lots of tea but hope to be doing better tomorrow. I also continued to do some very nasty loads of laundry, which I can guarantee you don't want to know anything about.

I do have some cute pictures of the egg hunt, but they are on the camera which is all the way across the room and I just can't bring myself to get up and go get it. Sorry. I promise I will do better tomorrow.

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Honeycutt Family said...

Hoping you are all on the mend now....