Thursday, April 22, 2010

Extravagant Love

I was reading an article written by a mom the other day about loving her children. This doesn't really seem an article worthy topic; most mothers love there children. She took it a step further.

First she related a situation with her then 1 year old son who wanted to nurse all.the.time. It was driving her crazy and she was trying to wean him before his new baby brother was to be born. The more she pushed him away, the more he wanted her. So she switched mind sets and therefor, strategies. Any time he so much looked her way, she offered to nurse him. He was thrilled and nursed close to non stop for a few day. Then a funny thing happened. He started saying no. He was soon weaned.

She then told a story of her older son. After a hard year filled with divorce and moving homes, he was wanting to sleep with her. For a while she said no, then agreed to every other night. Then she said he was welcome in her bed any time. Drastic things happened. He was happier during the day and did better in school. Soon, he happily slept in his own bed.

She related these stories under the heading of extravagant love. I like that. She talked about how loving our children in the way that THEY need isn't always convenient for us. Some might even think it is weird. She went above just meeting the need to meet the true desire of the childs heart.

So often as mothers we get sucked into the "good enough". The baby is happy in her bouncy seat so I will stay on the computer. The toddler is coloring by herself so I will just fold laundry. It is hard to make the choice to be extravagant when "good enough" gets us by. It is the choice between "good" and "best". It is a choice to meet the needs of someones heart when it doesn't coincide with the wants of our flesh.

I have a Father who chose to love me in an extravagant way. He sent His son so that I wouldn't ever have to settle for a life that is just "good enough". I have within me the power to have an extravagant life, but not without cost.

I have to decide to love others in an extravagant way, knowing that people will think I am odd. When I choose to go on a mission instead of a vacation or when I decide to sponser another compassion child instead of adding more to my 401k. If I choose to give up all that this world tells me matters and instead set out in the footsteps of The One who showed me what extravagant love was by His death for me, I will not have a life that is just "good enough". Things happen when we choose to love others in a way that is above and beyond. God things happen.

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preach it sister.