Sunday, April 18, 2010


When I am sleep deprived I have a hard time focusing while reading books, so needless to say I haven't picked up a anything more than a magazine in several months. I was missing my good literature and ,to prevent my brain from completely rotting out of my head, have been on a reading frenzy for a few weeks. This is what I have read:

The Last Lecture:Yes, I know this is a mans reflection on his life during his last days, but still it seems a little...narcissistic. He thinks he is funnier and smarter than he really is. Even still, I did enjoy the book, it was a quick read. Just have some tissues and know it doesn't really end well.

A Million Little Pieces: Critically acclaimed and an Oprah's Book Club choice. It scared the pants off of me and it isn't meant to be a scary book. This kid starts drinking at age 12 and everything goes down hill from there until he is in rehab at age 24. His body is in terrible shape and he details his rehab experience. Why is it scary? Because he comes from a upper middle class home, his parents are normal and his brother is fine, there isn't really a reason that he didn't succeed. What if one of my girls makes terrible choices like that? I can't imagine the pain. Oh, and you need a strong stomach for this one, lots of blood, vomit and dental work done without medication.

Into the Wild: I never saw this movie, but enjoyed the book. It is about a smart kid who is fed up and idealistic and decides to live the simple life of the open road. At one point he chooses to channel his inner Jack London and brave the wilds of Alaska, which becomes his undoing. Your sort of left shaking your head a the waste and pain. Another quick read.

The Help: This book was the most enjoyable that I have read for some time. It looks at the relationships between household help (black) and there employers (white) in the early 60's. Very good book.

I have officially read all the new books on my shelf and am looking for something else to read. Any suggestions?


McHam Family said...

Ugh girl! You picked some doozies! I've read Last Lecture (feel the same as you) and saw the movie Into the Wild - one of mark's all time favorites. I still cry when I think about it and what it could mean if one of our kids did that. A Million Little Pieces - haven't read it but it's easier when you know it isn't ENTIRELY factual. Big stink about the whole thing actually. But I'm sure it's still emotionally impactful!! Just heard about a web site - Type in what you just read and/or what you like and it finds comparable books. Happy reading!!

Honeycutt Family said...

I've heard EXCELLENT things about "The Help". Can I borrow your copy?
Loved the movie, "Into the Wild". Matt read the book and said it was good too.
I'm reading Donald Miller's new book now and it is really good.