Friday, April 30, 2010

Eliana Grace 4 years 5 months

What is your whole name? Elie-nana Grace Crocker

What is your favorite thing to eat? Peanut butter and jelly and watermelon

Who are some of your friends? Tristan, big Grace and Little Grace and Abby

What is your favorite thing to play with inside? Blocks. I am good at this game.

What foods do you not like? Pizza, lettuce, hummus, tomatoes and onions

What so you like to do outside? Swing

What makes you angry? When Addilyn knocks over my towers

What makes you happy? When there is an ice cream truck

What are you afraid of? Monster and bad dreams

What do you want to be when you grow up? A "fighterfighter", a ballerina, a block builder and I want to marry Tristan because he loves Jesus.

What can 4 year olds do that 2 year olds can't? Feed the puppies when the container is almost empty because my arms are longer and I can run faster and jump higher.

What will you be able to do when your 6? Read books! Write stories, climb tree and run the fastest.

Tell me how you get to nana's? First we get our stuffed packed up and then go in the car. Then we eat snacks and treats and play.

How do you get to be the person in charge? When I do grown up stuff that little kids can't. I'm in charge of cleaning up stuff I make with. I will clean up and do the dishes.

Whats your favorite animal? Bunnie rabbits

How do you take care of them? You feed them bunny food, like carrots. What do bunnies drink?


Can I ask you one? Sure

Can I "enter you" you? Alright

Why do apples grow on trees? Because that is how God made them to grow.

Good job mama! Did you know I can brush my hair with a fork?


McHam Family said...

Ha! Laugh out loud, snort kind of funny! LOVE the part about T ;) awwwwww!!!! so cute!!!

Denise said...

I like to eat snacks and treats and play when I'm on the way to your house, too, Elie. And I get my stuff packed up. I like to make sure I'm all ready to see you and give you a big hug!

Honeycutt Family said...

*I didn't know she didn't like pizza.
*How sweet is that about Tristan?!?!

Kids are HILARIOUS!!!! I bet if you asked her these same questions next week they would be very different. At least that was the case with Grace when Matt asked her some of the same things. Too funny!

Danika said...

:D Sending a hug to Ellie!!! And I am very impressed that she can brush her hair with a fork. Or a dinglehopper according to "The Little Mermaid". :)

Kari said...

Those are hiliarious!

From a single woman's perspective, I'm proud of her for knowing that her future husband must love Jesus!

And I love the dinglehopper comment as well!