Saturday, April 24, 2010

Esther: A book Report- Part 1

First, let me admit my ignorance. I have known the story of Esther for a long time, I have seen the Veggie tails, and somehow I missed that Purim is a celebration of (spoiler alert!) Esther saving the Jews. Just in case anyone else missed that, here is the Readers Digest Version of the story of Esther, in my own words.

Once upon a time there was a little girls named Esther. She was a nobody, a Jew, and orphan being raised by her uncle Morty. The king of Esthers country, Zerk the Jerk, was annoyed at the current Queen who refused to strut her stuff for him and all his drunken buddies and was looking for her replacement.

Good help was hard to find and his posse of advisers left something to be desired. They had the brilliant idea to hold a beauty contest in all the land to find the new queen, and bonus for Zerk, he got to take each girl for a test run to find his favorite. Well, after a year of getting work done to look her best Esther knocked the kings socks off and became the Queen.

Now Esthers uncle Morty and the kings head honcho, Hammy, were not buddies. The hated each other. Lots of bad family blood of the Romeo and Juliet type. Morty caught wind of a plan to off the king and let the Zerk know and to thank him for it, he got a pony ride all around the city while wearing the kings clothing. Oh yeah, and Hammy had to lead the ride. That didn't help the friction between the two.

After a while Hammys hide was thoroughly chapped and he decide to just get rid of all Jews. Men, women, kids, he was over them all and wanted them gone. And he decided to take there stuff, too. The king was fine with that, after all, it isn't like he had any wise men around to talk him out of it.

Morty was well connected and heard of the plan to off all he people. He called on his niece, who conveniently enough was also the queen, to go to bat for there lives. Esther wasn't crazy about the idea, after all, it really could end badly for her and who is to say she would have any influence any way?

Esther eventually got over her case of nerves and invited the king to dinner. Twice. After she revealed Hammys nefarious plan to kill her family and all other Jews, the king was fairly put out. The king hung Hammy and gave Morty his job as head honcho and all his stuff. Morty told all Jews to defend themselves. Purim was started as a celebration of being alive. The End.

Stay tuned for the "lessons learned" section of the book report.

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McHam Family said...

You should re-write all the stories - Great job G!