Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Annabelle Faith 10 months

Today was the big day, the consult with Children's Hospital. The appointment was early, 8:00am, and 20 minutes away so of course Annabelle decided to sleep in today. Mom was nice enough to get up early on her day off to watch the big girls and my friend Sarah took time off from work so I wouldn't have to go alone.

I was impressed with the office, which is not surprising because Children's Hospital of Denver is #2 in the nation. We met with a OT specialist who asked me all kinds of questions. It was so nice to have Sarah there as an extra set of hands/ baby occupier. The therapist said Annabelle is not doing to badly. She is rigid and has a muscle imbalance which means she has some muscles that are really strong so instead of developing her other ones she uses the strong ones. She also has one of the markers for cerebral palsy but none of the others so we think we are in the clear. We will be meeting with her every week for a while and doing exercises at home.

The therapist, Juliette, directed us to another specialty area in the Children's Hospital, one who specialises in diet and nutrition. Annabelle should hit three times her birth weight (7lbs and 11ozs) and she is not even close. In the last 3 months she has put on less than one pound. Nutrition effects the way muscles work and eventually can effect brain development. For some reason Annabelle's body isn't taking in calories like she needs. We will get some blood work done and try to figure out a diet for her and go from there.

I am feeling encouraged by this over all. We at least have a plan. I will keep you posted.


Kara said...

My prayers are with you all :)
She is a spitfire of smiles and strength; I know she will thrive in the long run :) Thank God for good doctors. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call!
Kara Norick

amanda said...

Abby started physical therapy at 10 months too. I'm so glad that there is a plan for Annabelle. I know she'll do great!

SuzyQ said...

I'm also very glad there is a plan. That is what I was praying for. You are such an incredible mom and super intelligent person...Annabelle has the best care anyone could ask for!