Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Annabelle's visit to Children's Hospital

We lucked out. The GAP Clinic, where Belle needed to be seen, was booked through mid-November. After they looked at her charts they got us in with-in a week. Here is the short and long of it:

-Annabelle is skinny. They do a height vs. weight comparison and then assign either slightly underweight, moderately underweight or severely underweight. She falls in the category of "moderately".

- In the last month, Belle has put on almost a pound. This is the same amount she put on in the prior 3 months. We haven't changed anything. I attribute her weight gain to a steady diet of lots of prayer of those who love her.

- We are in a holding pattern. Since Belle's weight seems to be getting better, we are going to wait and see for the next 8 weeks. We will go in to our Doctors office for weight checks in that time to make sure the numbers are rising.

-We were encouraged to continue physical therapy to see if we can help with her stiffness. If it doesn't seem to help, we will have to re-assess.

-This week Belle has learned to get from laying to sitting and then pull up to standing. She is still very stiff, but loves to show off her new tricks!

The doctor we say didn't seem overly concerned. He was encouraged by her recent growth and said her diet looks good. She is still getting up to eat twice a night and he said that would continue so it looks like no rest for the weary. Annabelle is healthy, her brain is growing and she is not developmentally behind. Pray that she continues to be a good grower and that the pound keep coming!

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