Friday, September 3, 2010

Ice Bucket

I have spent this week in a hotel room with 3 children age 4 and under. If it weren't for the fact that this particular hotel room is located in sunny CA, this might lead to an unfortunate case of child abuse involving duct tape, but since this allows us to be together as a family we are pushing through the occasional boredom. We didn't pack many toys so our creativity has been stretched to it's limits. Here is what we have discovered you can do with an ice bucket:

Fill bucket with ice and play on patio
Place baby doll who is wrapped in a towel in bucket and carry her around
Use bucket as a stool to watch cartoons on
Roll buck back and forth between friends
See how many wash cloths can fit into bucket
Turn bucket over and use as drum
Place bucket on head and use as hat
Stand on bucket to reach things in high places
Swing bucket around and try to hit sister
Use bucket for collecting rocks
Shout into bucket and enjoy the echo noise
Make fart noises in the bucket and enjoy the echo

These are just the good ideas, we have come up with several bad ones too, including seeing if you can fit the baby sister in the bucket and carry her around (you can't, she is much to big and screams much to loud and mama just gets mad) We have also discovered that the baby doesn't enjoy wearing the bucket as a hat, despite the fact it seems to fit her the best. Isn't vacation fun!

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Kari said...

Ha...I will totally remember this for my honeymoon someday.